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Atlantis. Our lost paradise! Just the mere mention of its name stirs something very deep, meaningful, and ageless within us. The city civilisation as described by the Greek philosopher Plato, in his dialogues "Timaeus" and "Critias", evokes within all that hear of it a yearning for its return. The city state was a wonder of architecture and engineering. A city brimming with a wise, brave and loving people. It was fabled to be "Heaven on Earth." A city of splendour, and plenty for all! According to Plato, it was lost to humanity, "in a single day and night of misfortune" and swallowed by the sea. It's leaders had become greedy and corrupt, so the God's destroyed it! The story bares remarkable resemblance to our own today, regarding our present situation concerning greed and corruption.

Atlantis Impression

In my opinion, the model city of Atlantis existed. The memory of it is etched into our subconscious collective mind, that is the reason why we try to strive to achieve its greatness again today, and remember it with much love and longing. There are plenty of underwater civilisation cities being discovered today, Yonaguni in Japan, is just one example. Our history is much more than we have just found on land. Atlantis was wiped out by the Great Flood of Noah, as a result of a Pole Shift. Much wisdom, and our TRUE history was lost. Humanity was brought to the brink of extinction, and only a few survived. It was among the few that lived, and those who had originally corrupted our moral fabric, that took the reigns of power again, and have ever since led us down the garden path of lies and deception.


Antediluvian, I believe we were an ancient master species living in harmony with each other and Mother Earth. We were symbiotic and maintained homeostasis. We held and valued ALL LIFE SACRED, above EVERYTHING else! We lived our lives in the Higher Frequencies of Love, Compassion, Empathy, Forgiveness and Gratitude, for oneself and each other. We existed under a Unity Consciousness! We knew not borders or separation, pain nor suffering, greed nor envy. We were however, overrun or invaded by others, visitors not from Earth, whose interests lay only in our natural resources of Gold, Oil and Drugs. That which has become the main reason of our existence today. Antediluvian, we had NO value for it, unfortunately today we do...and "politically correctly", refer to it as PROFIT! Atlanteans would have regarded profit, as morally reprehensible. In my opinion, it is the measure of gain by one, at the expense of others. Atlantean society called for equality, and the good of the whole. Postdiluvian, we have been torn apart and rent asunder! We've been bullshitted into believing that this neo-feudalist, imperialist, capital pyramid scheme we are living under is the best for all. People are waking up to the fact that this system is a fraud! We are born to this reality, and then have to pay to be here???

We are born innocent and loving. As we age, we are indoctrinated into separation, which is the hatred we hold onto, and that lingers throughout our lives. We are taught to live through our ego alone! We are robbed Spiritually by religion, and disconnected from our direct contact with God through the Unified Field, or what is now being called M-Theory. You are energy, and exert a force not only within you, but outside of you. Emotions are the key.

After the flood, and due the trauma of nearly being wiped out as a species, mankind turned to the ego to cope and survive. It has served it's purpose and cannot develop society any further. What we are clutching onto is in fact a noose that is around our necks! The native or indigenous people's system has no ego base, yet we look at them as being primitive. Their removal, ostracisation, and ridicule, has been deliberately intended, as to blind us to the success of their society model. They live within their means, and value, and respect Mother Earth! They have a symbiotic relationship with their environment, maintain homeostasis, and have no need for Gold, Oil and Drugs! In today's society we revere and hold in high esteem those who have more. They should be vilified and shunned. How can anyone in good conscience shower themselves in wealth, while others starve, suffer and die??? Rulers, and governments, are there to serve the people, NOT THE PEOPLE TO SERVE THEM!!! Gone are the days when we had wise men to guide us. Today, any moron with money and a great marketing campaign can usurp power! We have allowed this to happen. Only we have the power to stop it!

We are living in a time of abundance, and have the means by which no one needs to be left out in the cold. Atlantis existed once before, it can and must exist again. It will be to our own detriment if we do not achieve its ideals.  At present we are out of control and heading for a cliff at full speed. We have no parachute! We need to start caring! Not just for us and Earth, but for ALL her inhabitants!  Raping the planet for profit is obviously not working...

I am a Lightworker! I am a Starseed of the Blue Ray! It is my purpose to awaken as many of you as I can to The Truth! It's time to start walking The Path, and heal not only ourselves, but everyone else, as well as Mother Earth!

I wish you Light and Love!

God Bless You, God be with You, For God is within You!

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